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If you needed any proof that Hyosung is here to stay, this is it. Two Brothers Racing has begun manufacturing a slip-on race exhaust for the budget Korean sportsbike. Hyosung has only been selling bikes in America since 2005, but began producing bikes for the domestic market in 1978. So far, the company's products haven’t been quite on par with its Japanese competitors (they do get closer with every new model). But Hyosung is able to sell them for less money. This GT650R retails for $6,099. That's $800 less than an SV650S and features upside-down forks. The Suzuki doesn't.

Though the TBR can is just a slip-on — meaning it's a pipe built for a number of models with custom fitting hardware — it does indicate the aftermarket industry is starting to see demand for hardware to fit Hyosungs. It also means the company's bikes will have that much more appeal in the showroom.

Two Brothers Racing

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