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Combining the ease of an electric scooter with the practicality of a bicycle, the A2B could be a better urban commuter than either. Unassisted, it will run for 20 miles at 20mph on a single charge, doubling that range (but not the speed) with an extra battery pack. Depending on local regulations, the A2B can use bike lanes and paths capable of safely separating it from traffic, and can be locked up at a rack or in a building's bike room. The Kleenex box–sized battery pops out, meaning the bike can stay downstairs while you recharge its battery just like you would a cell phone. That makes so much sense, we can't believe no one's thought of it before. Ultra Motor is currently selling the A2B in both Europe and the States, though its ultimate plan is to create citywide networks of short term rental vehicles.

Ultra Motor via Inhabitat

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