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A lucky dealership in Stockholm got its hands on a Honda NR750 and RC30, both brand new and still in their original boxes. These aren't toys we're talking about, but the real deal. Two of the rarest bikes ever made, the NR750 was a technological showpiece while the Honda RC30 was an homologation special built by HRC for World Superbike. Only a few hundred examples of each were either produced and these must be among the last to still be in their boxes. That means this could be the last time such an unboxing is ever experienced. The dealership plans to display the bikes in its showroom.

An update from Ivar at The owner of Stockholms MC-Varuhus (yeah - Motorcycle Warehouse), Bengt Gunnarson, has kept them in the basement for 20 years. Apparently for no other reason than the fun of unpacking them now!

Just because we love you, here's what an NR750 sounds like:

Thanks for the tips, Axel and Alex.

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