Unit Skycraft Concept Drops FMX Weight To Just 165 lbs — AIMExpo 2013


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The trickest bike at AIMExpo? Not the 2014 EBR 1190RX or 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000, it's this all-carbon freestyle motocross bike from fashion brand Unit. Weighing in at just 165 lbs, the Unit Skycraft concept aims to utterly reinvent the sport.

Until now, FMX athletes have been saddled with bikes designed to win supercross races, not perform backflips, supermans and all the other in-air tricks the sport is famous for. Up there, in the sky, you don't need crazy power or fancy clutches or big fuel tanks, you need a light, maneuverable, manageable bike. It's those traits the Skycraft seeks to maximize.

Unit Skycraft gas tank and front suspension.

"We felt that weight reduction represented the best characteristic to provide riders in their quest for bigger tricks as well as helping them innovate new maneuvers," said Unit co-founder Ian Everest at AIMExpo.

In pursuit of weight reduction, nearly the entire bike has been fabricated from carbon fiber. And, if it's not carbon, it's titanium. A reduced parts count also helps. The fuel — around 1/3 the capacity of a regular motocross bike and only enough for 20 minutes of operation — is stored in the monocoque frame. The all-carbon swingarm doubles as the exhaust silencer. The seat/tail is an incredibly dainty, one-piece carbon affair which integrates the grab handles necessary for FMX stunts.

Unit Skycraft rear swingarm.

Unit is an Australian brand which uses surf, FMX and similar action sports athletes to promote its t-shirts and skinny jeans. Its success in that world is what enabled Everest to concept Skycraft, who then commissioned FMX specialist Triple Eight to produce the bike. Right now, it's a one-off concept, but Unit plans to build several of the KTM two-stroke-powered bikes and campaign them internationally.

Rather than pursue commercialization of Skycraft, Everest simply hopes that it will elevate FMX to new levels. The hope is that the drastically light bike will facilitate the innovation of new tricks or maybe even an entirely new style of riding. Everest was frank — he hopes a major manufacturer may one day emulate his work on a production machine, he simply wants to lead the way.

FMX Highlights Video

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