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Photo: Brian Dolen

Already used in many Honda cars, the company has announced it is developing a Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system for its motorcycles. Honda CEO Takeo Fukui broke the news during a speech designed to layout his company's three-year plan. He also announced more widespread use of safety technology like C-ABS and airbags, giving no detail on which machines Honda is planning to add them to.

VCM — Honda's term for variable displacement technology — works
by deactivating multiple cylinders in an engine under light loads, thus
improving fuel economy. We've driven cars so equipped and can report
that it's absolutely undetectable in use, with no noticeable transition
or lag in throttle response.

Clever applications on
motorcycles of technology developed to make cars more fuel-efficient
makes a lot of sense. Motorcycles are already vastly more efficient
than four-wheelers. By making them more so, not only will we save money
on gas, but it will also make bikes a more attractive proposition to
commuters and will help highlight the need to integrate them into our
country's transportation infrastructure.


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