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The biggest problem with the Vectrix VX-1 isn't its performance or range, it's the price. For $11,000, you could have a top-of-the-range Japanese superbike or a 62mph electric scooter. The new Vectrix VX-2 and VX-1E are intended to address that issue, retailing for $5,195 and $8,495 respectively.

The VX-2 is the all-new product. A smaller, more compact scooter than the
maxi-sized VX-1, it's intended to offer performance equivalent to a
50cc gasoline-powered competitor. Unfortunately, at 429lbs, it weighs
in a distinctly un-scooter-like weight. Regardless, the VX-2 will
travel 40-50 miles between recharges and tops out around 30mph.
Expected to arrive at dealers in June, the VX-2 will be most popular on
campuses and in inner cities, where its silent operation and lack of
emissions will make up for its limited speed.


The larger VX-1E is visually identical to the regular VX-1, but retails
for $2,505 less. It uses the same drivetrain as the VX-1, but a little
less performance, presumably from a less expensive battery pack. No
word on whether or not the VX-1E will match the VX-1's 55-mile range.


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