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Remember the electric Vectrix VX-2 that was unveiled at last month's New York Motorcycle Show? Well it turns out that the scooter isn't exactly new, but rather a partially re-styled e-max 110S, an electric scooter that went on sale in Europe last year. With equivalent performance to a 50cc scooter and a low price (for an EV) of $5,195, the VX-2 looks like the perfect vehicle for emissions-free city-center transportation. So why the fuss? The price. In Europe, the e-max retails for about €3,500 which converts to $4,473. That price differential is exaggerated in England, where the e-max currently sells for £2,800 and the VX-2 is projected to go for around £4,500.


Look at the e-max 110S (above) and you can clearly see that the VX-2
shares the same seat and floorboards; only the plastic panels have been

Since the two vehicles are mechanically identical, they share the same
silicon battery pack and 2kW electric motor (it's capable of 3.2kW in
"Boost" mode). Those deliver a top speed of 30mph and a maximum range
of between 40 and 55 miles. Weight for both is 429lbs.

The e-max isn't imported into the US, so the VX-2 won't have to compete
against the cheaper 110S here, but in Europe, where both will be sold
alongside each other, this revelation could make sales of the smallest
Vectrix extremely difficult

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