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Can't decide if you want a cruiser or a racer, and can't afford two bikes? Veon Motorcycles' concept bike morphs from cruiser to racer at the push of a button. The bike is being presented at the AMD World Championship of Custombike building right now.


The bike is the brainchild of Peer Toftner, a Norwegian robotics engineer and founder of Veon Motorcycles. He's been working on the project for years, and has patented many of the solutions on the adjustable bike. The concept bike presented at Sturgis is built by Fred Krugger.

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The bike has two sets of foot controls to allow the the bike to transform from a low, feet forward cruiser, via a classic, upright riding position to a sportier configuration with higher ground clearance and a more aggressive riding posistion. The bike also alters steering geometry, and it all happens in five seconds at the push of a button. You can even change configuration at speed.

Hopefully we'll be able to bring more information and some better pictures as soon as the judges have done their job at Sturgis.

Via DBBP and Cyril Huze Blog

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