Video: Aprilia RSV4 vs Nissan GT-R, on the street


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There was quite a bit of skepticism when we lapped the new APRC-equipped Aprilia RSV4 around Monticello quite a bit faster than a Nissan GT-R. One of the people who had doubts was Adey. So, when Godzilla turned up at The Snake last weekend while he just happened to be riding the new RSV4 R, a comparison was inevitable. Luckily, he also had new onboard cameras from Replay.

Update: new angle added.

Thanks to West Coast GP Cycles for the suspension setup help.

That skepticism of the original lap times was only natural. Aprilia paid for the video and the final result was assembled from multiple takes and multiple laps, in the same way any professionally produced video is. I can tell you the lap times were the honest best each vehicle was capable of all day long, but the Internet loves it some conspiracy theories.

Do these videos do anything to establish which vehicle is faster? Not really. This takes place on the road, albeit on a section of Mulholland Highway which was originally designed as a race track. Both drivers are obviously operating within a high margin of safety and are subject to limitations from vision, other vehicles, safety and leaving a margin for the unknown. But, like our original video, these are fun to watch. Don’t try this at home, Adey’s a moron.

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