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After a disappointing debut at FIM e-Power Laguna, at which the bike couldn’t race due to a mechanical failure, we’re finally getting a peak at the Brammo Empulse RR in action. In these two videos Brian Wismann, the bike’s designer, puts the race version of the Brammo Empulse through its paces both at Thunderhill and on local roads. Never thought you’d see an electric pass an ICE superbike on a track? You’re about to.

Speaking of the track video, Brian says, "The on-board track video was recorded while we were doing some data logging, so the focus on the track was getting good data, not setting record times.  We were also doing at most 3 laps back to back (out lap, 1 complete lap, in lap) in order to check that we were getting the data we needed.  Therefore, all of the laps were done at a 80-90% pace. The speedo is close, but not really calibrated to the rear wheel/tire/sprocket combo we were experimenting with at the time.  The board at the start says "B" because it was a light trackday and they were running A and B group together.  I don't apex turn 1 because it's track etiquette. "

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