Video: Driver Hits Invisible Rider


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This has to make you upset. You're riding along, minding the basic rules of the road and suddenly some idiot come out of nowhere deciding the rules don't apply to his driving capabilities that day. Clearly he was dealing with an invisible rider.

Case in point, this video that has spread like wild fire this week. Aside from the sheer ass-hatted-ness the driver of the pickup truck exhibits, the rider is clearly in shock of after what just happened to him. Even here in the office we couldn't quite understand what in the hell the driver was thinking. Did he have a sudden memory lapse or desire to drive like our former foes, or Britts, across the pond?

Video Driver Hits Invisible Rider

Either way, we're glad that the rider was able to walk away but sad to see his bike take the brunt of somebody else's stupidity. What do you think the driver was doing in this video?

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