Video: Ducati Diavel on track


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To the best of our knowledge, this is the first onboard video of a Ducati Diavel on track. Shot by Washington’s Ducati Bellevue at Pacific Raceways the action captured on the Diavel and by a Suzuki GSX-R following it reveals something of the performance cruiser’s nature. Fast? Well, it’s passing 848s and other sportsbikes.

One of the riders reports seeing a 154mph top speed and dragging so much peg that the shift lever actually snapped off (not captured in this video). What we can observe is that the Diavel appears to be massively fast in a straight line, but a little slow and steady in corners. That’s as expected, but it’s the stability at speed which surprises us. Even flat out on the straights at speed, the pull-back bars aren’t wagging side to side.

This chase video was shot on a GSX-R 750. Note how the Diavel is capable of significantly gapping it out of corners.

We've reviewed the Diavel twice: test one, test two.

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