Video: just another day riding


Category: Dailies

A while back, our buddy Jamie told us about a video he wanted to make. Something that could capture how the simple act of riding a motorcycle could transform any normal day into a fantastic one. With the help of some Alpinestars waterproof touring gear and a Ducati Multistrada 1200, he’s finally put that video together.

"I'd been wanting to make this video for a while," Jamie tells us. "It's supposed to capture the freedom of riding your motorcycle and the excellent capabilities of the adventurous Ducati Multistrada. To make matters even better my girl loved the Italian style and comfort as well as the mind-blowing speed, so it more than a delight to head out of rainy Santa Maria, head over the snow covered Pine Mountain and then towards the dry roads and amazing coastline of Los Angeles California, where I picked her up and we rode until the sun went down."

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