South African Motorcycle Mayhem: The Los Muertos Motorcycle Club


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Here's a killer video with no real rhyme or reason. No crashes or wild wheelies, but just some cool, vintage motorcycles screaming across the desert sand.

Shot, ridden and produced by a group of builders in South Africa called the Los Muertos Motorcycle Club. We like that it's just a solid, high quality video of all a ton of different bikes. The cool thing about the Los Muertos crew is that they build bikes from a slew of different brands.

The video opens with images of Harley-Davidson badges and an early flathead engine, followed by a Honda CB750, a BMW boxer motor among with others. There's what looks like a Yamaha SR screaming through the desert too. These Los Muertos boys don't discriminate when it comes to cool motorcycles.

Los Muertos Motorcycle Club

The Los Muertos MC shop in an of itself is really cool too - sort of like a South African version of Deus as it blurs the lines between, coffee shop, motorcycle shop, clothing shop and, well, hipster hang out. Their slogan: "We Need to Make Motorcycles Cool Again." They're definitely off to a good start.

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