Video: Relentless Isle of Man


Category: Dailies

This video released by Relentless as a part of its "Short Stories" film competition is not what I expected from an energy drink company. Instead, it is quietly gorgeous, not so much a portrait of Relentless Suzuki's team or its famous tea-sipping racer Guy Martin as it is an loving portrait about an island that occasionally hosts an infamously batshit crazy series of races known as the TT. The sound of screaming machines will only mildly rattle your desk, you will not have a melted brain from onboard cameras witnessing speeds going plaid. You will also not be in agony from a production company piling on the overtly dramatic soundtrack and emotionally agonizing closeups, desperately seeking to pluck your heart strings. However, you will be tempted to skip work and go riding for the rest of the day.

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