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For all the times you've stabbed yourself in the eyes watching yet another mustachioed wanker bent over in a race tuck going 35mph on a beater UMJ with clubmans and yanked baffles, this 1978 Honda CB550 café racer built to order by Godffrey's Garage is your respite. Dual through-the-frame shocks with piggyback reservoirs, hydraulic clutch, a handmade alloy tank, seat and swept back megaphones, drilled rotors and more custom fabricated parts than I care to list. Yes, you can probably buy a new supersport at full sticker for what this bike cost to build, but so what.

Dubbed "Café Overkill" by Godffrey's Garage builder Jeff Stephen, the CB550 was built with a mind towards function without going too crazy and cosmetic restraint. Accents include the bright red frame and smartly finished flat black and red finishes on the sides of the alloy tank, or smaller highlights such as the drilled rear brake linkage. Thankfully, performance mods like upside down forks, chunky triple trees, cast wheels or a boxy aluminum swing-arm aren't bothered which means the bike still feels like a really classy old CB550.

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