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Following pro-bike comments made by VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech, rumors are swirling that the German carmaker is considering a move into the motorcycle market. The latest speculation offers KTM as a possible partner, with the two firms collaborating on a range of VW-branded bikes and maybe even a trike.

Speaking to German magazine Stern last month Piech said, "I would still
like a small, valuable motorcycle manufacturer, I myself drive a
Ducati. 180 horses and more power per kilogram weight than a 1,001hp
Bugatti." He then went on to express regret for failing to acquire
Ducati in the ‘80s when it was nearly bankrupt.

Auto Express now claims that VW is in negotiations with KTM for a deal
that would result in a range of Volkswagen bikes and possibly a
production version of the GX-3 trike. That vehicle was originally
rejected over liability concerns and other legal hurdles.

KTM already collaborated with VW on some of the engineering that went into the X-Bow sportscar.

It’s unclear to us what benefit such a deal would give to VW or KTM.
Volkswagen is already one of the most diverse and successful carmakers
while KTM, with fresh capital from Bajaj, is on target to become
Europe’s largest bike maker by 2020. Its motorcycles already compete
directly with BMW’s key models in the market that VW is rumored to be
targeting. It seems more likely to us that VW would use KTM’s expertise
with carbon fiber and small production runs to create the 1-liter
ultra-high-mileage vehicle, investing in the Austrian company in the

via Auto Express

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