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Equipped with a tweaked version of the Ducati 1198's engine, the Vyrus 987 C3 4V makes a claimed 185bhp and is said to weight just 155kg (dry) to the donor bike's 171kg. If you think that sounds fast, Vyrus plans a 211bhp supercharged version. More importantly, it uses a swingarm to mount the front wheel and a steering linkage that separates the steering, braking and suspension functions from each other.  The C3 also comes equipped with a traction control system, although its unclear whether or not this is the same 8-mode DTC that's employed on the Ducati. Specs below and more info when it's available.

Engine: 4 stroke

Number of cylinders: 2 in L located at 90 °

Bore: 106 mm

Stroke: 67.9 mm

Displacement: 1198.4 cc

Compression: 12,8:1

Lubrication: forced by gear pump

Cooling: Water EWSC (Electronic Water System Control)

Power: 185 hp

Maximum speed: 310 km / h

Distribution 4 valves: Desmo

Clutch: Dry

Transmission: 6 speed

EFI Power: EFI electronic

Front suspension: suspension FG

Rear suspension: direct system

Chassis: Double Omega

Headset: 18 ° to 24 °

Trail: 80 mm to 105 mm

Front brake: 320 mm dual disc floating front

Rear brake: 210 mm single disc

Front Tire: 120 75 zr 17

Rear Tire: 190 50 zr 17

Weight: 155 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 12 liters

Wheelbase: 1400 mm

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