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Mr. Freedom has a rabid following for a good reason. Based off vintage sports & work-wear from the turn of the last century and produced by Japanese label Sugar Cane for the upcoming Fall 2009 "Speed Safe Clothing for Modern Riders" line, the Mulholland Master jacket is one of the finest homages to a bygone era we've seen. While $875 is on the seriously pricey side, the level of craftsmanship and stitching is well beyond the Barbour International famously worn by McQueen when he raced the Six Days of Scotland.


Attention to detail is fanatical and every jacket carries a faint whiff of oil and gasoline. That last part would be completely cheesy if the absolutely crazy designer didn't live and work out of a rickety old-Hollywood warehouse full of bikes and hotrods dating back to the birth of auto culture. On racks in October, the Mulholland Master will be available at Mr. Freedom's L.A. store and the Self Edge.


We take that back, it's still really silly. But what isn't in Calfornia, you know?

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