How To Warm Up and Cool Down For A Motorcycle Ride


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Exercise: Kneeling Hip Stretch

The kneeling hip stretch targets your hip flexors and low abdominals. In the upright kneeling position, think of driving and holding your planted knee into the ground by performing a mini-pelvic thrust. Pull your bully button into your spine, and remain upright.

Don’t crank way forward on these after pulling in your stomach and pushing the knee down. Using your big muscles to push your body forward while stretched can inadvertently pull a muscle. For bonus stretch, reach your arms up and away from the planted knee.

Exercise: Money Stretch

This is a stretch that I have heard called several names over the years, but this is one I like the best. If you want to call it something else, be my guest. This stretch involves the glutes and low back, and is a position you don’t want to force. As you hold the position, gradually let your face drop to the floor while relaxing.

While stretching, move your head out over the front knee as well as the foot. You’ll feel a stretch in different areas of the low back, groin, and glutes. Keep breathing slowly though this stretch, and get into and out of it with a controlled tempo.

Exercise: Shoulder and Lat Stretch

After the upper body warm up movements, we do need to stretch the shoulders and back as well. With the smaller and weaker joints in the shoulder and elbow than the hips and knees, make sure to not force any positions that are uncomfortable. Start slow on this, and don’t be afraid to do a few repetitions gradually increasing the stretch.

While stretching, move your shoulder blades to find a tight spot, and gently apply pressure.  If you have had shoulder injuries in the past, this might be painful. Again, don’t force it.


These are just suggestions. Feel free to try some, or mix and match with anything else that you already do. I encourage you to make your own routine through experimentation. Find out what works for you and make it a routine to do exercises that you can work in and that you will actually complete.

If you’re interested in reading more about how and why we need to warm up, check out Warming Up and Why We Do It.

ABOUT: Andrew Patton is a strength and conditioning coach with NCAA, NFL, MCLA, WCLA, and ACHA experience. Currently he is the head S&C coach for UC Berkeley MCLA lacrosse. He also has worked with a variety of private clients in the fields of powerlifting, distance running, professional golf, elite military fitness, and others. He personally trains under Jesse Burdick at CSA Dublin as a Powerlifter. Andrew can be contacted at his website He rides a CBR F4i and a DR-Z SM.

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