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The world of perfumes and aftershaves has always been complete mystery to me. But at $30 you can buy officially licensed Harley-Davidson’s ‘Hot Road for Men’ which is apparently an ‘Eau De Toilette Splash.

What’s more the scent manufacturer describes H-D Hot Road as an exclusive masculine perfume that has woody notes, which have been accentuated by green notes and tobacco accords.  I have no idea what that means but apparently this is the best choice for “a rugged individual to bring out sexiness through an exciting and invigorating masculine fragrance”. Hmmm…. I think I’ll pass. I like Harley-Davidson but not that much.

As far as I know in our household our kitchen utensils have always performed exactly as the maker had intended. But I am now wondering if I should shell out $25 on a set of Harley-Davidson stainless steel salad servers. Has anyone ever bought these and if so do they add something unique to the dining experience?

Watson On: Selling The Brand

Over in the Triumph camp, as you would expect, things are typically British and a bit more reserved. You can of course buy all the t-shirts and caps you have ever wanted with the Triumph name on them. But if you’re looking for something for your workplace there’s Triumph’s Heritage Office Set. For $55.95 you’ll get a gel mouse mat and wrist rest and a wireless mouse. All of it, of course, has a Triumph logo on it.

Let’s assume you are a big Kawasaki fan. You have a bike and consequently have bought every t-shirt and cap the company has to offer for your entire family to wear. The only thing missing is the family dog. Well starting at $11.95 you can get a bright green collar for your mutt with an “exclusive” Kawasaki logo on it. For an extra $14.95 you can also acquire the matching Kawasaki green leash that goes with it.

My favorite random merchandise items so far this year though comes from BMW Motorrad. It was a close run thing and much as though I was tempted by the $34.00 BMW logo flip flops, I felt if I was a BMW owner I should definitely opt for the natty bright blue BMW Motorrad swim shorts. At a mere $39.00 these I think could cut quite a dash at the beach or at the pool this summer. Then again I might just save my money and keep looking for that one really special and unusual item. I’m absolutely sure it’s out there.

Anybody got some better suggestions? What are some branded products that make you scratch your head?

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