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Last night, I attended a lecture at Stanford University where LCR Honda's Stefan Bradl discussed risk, safety and technology in MotoGP racing (more on that soon). But before it started, all anyone could talk about was that afternoon's publicity stunt, which saw the rider take his bike — the actual 2012 GP bike he'll race at Laguna Seca this weekend, mind — up and down San Francisco's famous Lombard Street five times. Here's the photos and video.

One thing noticably absent from all this is lean angle. Apparently Lombard Street's brick surface doesn't work well with MotoGP slicks. Tire warmers were used prior to the run, but daily car traffic has polished the surface to the point where it's actually slippery. That, plus the lack of steering lock made this pretty challenging.

Stefan, the guys from Red Bull and his team were nice enough to drop me off at the Palo Alto Day's Inn last night. I'm flying back to LA now, then Sean, Ashlee and I are riding an Aprilia RSV4 and Triumph Tiger Explorer up to Laguna Seca for the weekend. See you at the track?

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