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Imagine if The Sons of Anarchy met The Office in a comedy set in Belfast. Well, that pretty much sums up The Clandestine, a Kickstarter-funded show that manages to more accurately capture real biker culture than anything else out there. You can watch all 13 episode right here. Pass the popcorn.

Episode 1 — Bored nerds Marcus and Freddie hate their dead-end office jobs, so they form The Clandestine, an outlaw motorcycle club, to live life in the fast lane.

Episode 2 — Nerds Marcus and Freddie have formed the outlaw motorcycle club, The Clandestine, but they need a few more members, and the applicants are a bit... odd.

Episode 3 - Alfie joins The Clandestine, an outlaw motorcycle club, and along with nerds Marcus and Freddy, robs a shop, where they meet sexy biker chick Anna.

Episode 4 - Sexy chick Anna brings nerds Marcus, Freddy, and Alfie to a biker bar, where they get into a fight. Then another motorcycle club, the Widow Kings, arrives.

Episode 5 — Nerds turned outlaw motorbikers Marcus, Freddy, and Alfie rob an ice cream van. Sexy chick Anna rides in on her motorcycle to warn them of the police.

Episode 6 — Wannabe biker outlaws The Clandestine rob an armoured van. Anna says she dated a member of the Widow Kings motorcycle club, and they are looking for her.

Episode 7 — Will blackmails Marcus to join the nerdy motorcycle gang The Clandestine against sexy chick Anna's wishes. Freddy hands out waistcoats with back patches.

Episode 8 — The Clandestine's nerdy members run into another motorcycle club, the Widow Kings. A chase ensues. The Widow Kings later kidnap sexy biker chick Anna.

Episode 9 — Nerdy motorcycle club The Clandestine wonder how the Widow Kings kidnapped sexy biker chick Anna. They search for her, and somehow lose their trousers.

Episode 10 — Wannabe motorcycle outlaws The Clandestine search for the cash they hid from the robbery, so they can pay off the Widow Kings and get sexy chick Anna back.

Episode 11 — Nerdy Marcus meets outlaw motorcycle club the Widow Kings to pay them off and get sexy chick Anna back. Then Freddy and Alfie uncover Will's dark secret.

Episode 12 — Freddy confesses the robbery to the cops. Alfie follows the Widow Kings motorcycle club to where nerdy Marcus and sexy biker chick Anna are held captive.

Episode 13 — In the season finale, a showdown ensues between nerds turned outlaw bikers The Clandestine, the bad boy motorcycle club the Widow Kings, and the cops.

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