Safety: 8 Ways to Make Your Motorcycle More Visible


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6. Use Your High Beams

Opinions vary on this one, but I like to ride with my high beams on at pretty much all the time during the day. Most drivers won’t become upset or feel blinded by them because they won’t be seen in the contrast of nighttime visibility. Whether you annoy them a bit or they think your headlight is pointed incorrectly, they’ll notice you and that’s all that matters.

7. Add Auxiliary Lights

Auxiliary lights provide the same kind of benefits as reflective tape in that they add light sources to your bike. They come with the added benefit of working around the clock, and that they provide additional light for you to see with at night. You can add them to the front and the back of your bike, and can often set them to different intensities or to strobe in the back when stopping. A study conducted by Honda found that using lights to create a human face-like appearance on the front of your motorcycle increased driver's ability to accurately determine a motorcycle's distance by 10 percent and its speed by 20 percent. Place auxiliary light high up and spaced out to create facial proportions on your bike.

8. Use Your Horn

While horns are most often associated with being an audible middle finger, they can actually be quite useful. A quick double tap can alert a distracted driver of your presence or that it’s time to look up from that cell phone. We find them most useful for cars looking to pull out into traffic that maybe haven’t looked in your direction yet, as they inch forward while you approach. A quick “beep, beep” often snaps their head back to you. Your horn can also be a nice tool when that guy texting and eating a burrito tries to merge into your back tire as you ride next to him.

Now that you’ve read our top eight list, tell us what techniques you use to safely get noticed on the road.

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