8 Ways To Stay Under The Radar


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#5 “Stay Right Except To Pass”
Also, “Slower Vehicles Keep Right.” Though they’re often maddeningly ignored, these signs are intended to keep traffic flowing. To patrol officers, though, the message they convey is this: the vehicle in the left lane is going faster than the vehicle in the right. If there is no vehicle in the right lane, then the vehicle in the left is traveling so fast as to pass anything it may encounter. Therefore, it’s probably speeding. Stay to the right where you can.

#6 Watch for Lurkers
On many highways, there are turnouts in the median where cops love to hang out, often near overpasses. Usually, you can see these in plenty of time to throttle back a little bit. And on the interstate, keep your speed dialed back near rest areas. Cops need bathroom/coffee breaks, too, and often lurk near re-entry ramps to finish their coffee and donuts.

#7 Small Town Bringdown
Next time you cruise down Main Street, USA, remember this: Small towns don’t earn much revenue, so when some slick city boys come barreling through town on their noisy bikes, Buford T. Justice is not about to let that cash cow speed through his hometown with grabbing a handful. By all means, stop for lunch - but if you’re just passing through, stay under the speed limit.

#8 Weekend Warrior
Never, ever speed on Friday and Saturday nights. Drunk driving patrols are heavier, and cops are more inclined to pull you over for the slightest offense in order to check for signs of alcohol. Don't give them a reason. There is also a higher change you’ll encounter a drunk driver. So, get where you are going, but be safe in your execution.

Mind these tips and you will likely stay under the radar. What other tips can you share?

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