Weird Motorcycles That Make You Ask... Why?


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Fritz Egli is a well-known Swiss motorcycle racer. When he stopped racing in 1965, he created his own motorcycle engineering store. Over the years he has gained a sizeable reputation for making frames for big Japanese motorcycles and had developed a loyal following for his custom engineering work with bikes and engines. But this image of an Egli Slipstream speed record motorcycle made us question a couple of things. How does the rider actually get on and off the bike and how is the bike staying upright in this picture?


If you’re not happy with the way your motorcycle looks there are some great alternatives. Find yourself a bison, kill it and then put its skin and head on your bike. It will guarantee crowds and make you stand out, but you might find the smell of burning hair and rotting hide a little overpowering.


Finally, Thai artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn is well known in his home country for amazing metal sculptures. But he recently turned his attention and his creative talents to motorcycles and came up with the “Alien” bike. It’s more than a piece of art, though, as it apparently runs as well. You just wouldn’t want to hit anything or anyone with it.

What's the weirdest motorcycle you've seen on the road?

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