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Scooters can be a cost effective, fuel efficient way to travel, whether you’re commuting to work or just cruising around town. 2014 offers a handful of new, diverse choices, with motor sizes from 50 cc to 700 cc, bringing up the total number of scooters on sale in the U.S. from 49 to 53 models.

Aprilia SR Motard

Aprilia SR Motard - $1999

Displacement: 49 cc

The SR Motard is the newest supermoto-inspired scooter from Italian manufacturer Aprilia. After a long wait, the SR Motard finally makes its North American debut, but it’s essentially the same model as the second generation Piaggio Typhoon.

Honda Forza

Honda Forza - $5599

Displacement: 279 cc

The Forza offers lots of user-friendly power, reaching speeds of almost 100 mph, and is legal for highway use. The under-seat storage is large enough for two full-face helmets or a bunch of groceries.

Kymco MyRoad 700i

Kymco MyRoad 700i - $9699

Displacement: 699.5 cc

The MyRoad 700i is a larger capacity touring scooter with a full size windscreen. It’s a bit heavy at 608 lbs, but its longer wheelbase makes for a comfortable highway ride.

Piaggio Fly 150

Piaggio Fly 150 - $2999

Displacement: 150 cc

The Fly 150 is a mid-size offering, with its 3-valve, low emissions engine that can achieve up to 144 mpg. There are only two colors to choose from, black and white, but its unassuming style makes it a nice choice for urban riders.

Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS

Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS - $4999

Displacement: 200 cc

The Burgman 200 ABS is also a mid-sized entry based on engine size, but it has design cues from the maxi category. The Burgman features anti-lock brakes, as indicated by its name, and is Suzuki’s smallest offering ever in America.

Vespa 946

Vespa 946 - $9946

Displacement: 125 cc

The 946 is Vespa’s newest ultra premium mid-size scooter, which is also being offered in hand-made limited edition trims. It sports plenty of technology (ABS, traction control, fuel injection), but these features don’t come cheap with an MSRP of $9,946.

Yamaha Zuma 50FX

Yamaha Zuma 50FX - $2590

Displacement: 50 cc

The Zuma 50FX drops the bug eye headlights of the current Zuma model and adopts the Asian market single headlight design while adding colored rims, grips and stripes to position itself as a sportier offering.

There’s something for everyone in this list of new models for 2014. Which one peaks your interest the most?

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