Which Motorcycle Jeans Should You Buy?

Lean Angle Jeans Lean Angle Jeans

Lean Angle Jeans — $260

What’s Good: Like the Maples, these Lean Angles incorporate a total liner, this time made from a Kevlar/Polyethelene blend that’s softer and cooler to wear. They also incorporate Forcefield knee and hip armor.

What’s Bad: From the outside, they don’t look like $260 jeans. 12.5 ounce denim is finished in unstylish washes and the bootcut fit is just unfortunate.

RideApart Recommended: No. They work great on the bike and provide excellent comfort, but they just don’t look good enough to make wearing them in lieu of real riding pants worth the compromise.

Dainese D6 Jeans Dainese D6 Jeans

Dainese D6 Jeans — $180-$200

What’s Good: Available with either a traditional denim or part-Kevlar weave, both versions incorporate Kevlar panels inside to add abrasion resistance to impact areas.

What’s Bad: While the wash is suitably dark, the details are little over the top. They look good, but they also look like riding jeans.

RideApart Recommended: No, there are better options out there with more style and safety.

Dainese D1 Jeans Dainese D1 Jeans

Dainese D1 Jeans — $200-$220

What’s Good: Unlike the D6s, these incorporate Kevlar into the denim weave, while also adding the Kevlar interior panels in the seat and knees. Available with or without knee armor.

What’s Bad: Look at them. Need we say more? They also don’t feel as robust as other offerings.

RideApart Recommended: No. There are better options that aren’t styled so hideously.

Dainese Montana 4D Dainese Montana 4D

Dainese Montana 4D — $150

What’s Good: A simple pair of non-hideous jeans with Kevlar panels in the seat, hips and thighs. There’s pockets for armor, but you have to use Dainese’s own pads, which are CE-rated, but cover a very small area.

What’s Bad: We’re just unimpressed with Dainese’s denim offerings. Perhaps it’s the too-Euro styling or the lack of innovation and technical excellence which otherwise defines the brand.

RideApart Recommended: Yes. They don’t look bad and feature some abrasion protection.

Speed and Strength Run With The Bulls Speed and Strength Run With The Bulls

Speed and Strength Run With The Bulls — $90

What’s Good: Low price point adds a little abrasion protection to what are otherwise normal budget jeans.

What’s Bad: The cut is awful, avoid if you live in a city or go out in public. The added protection is also minimal, with just some cheesy Kevlar panels in the seat and knees of otherwise totally normal, thin and cheap denim.

RideApart Recommended: No. We just can’t get behind cheap grandma jeans.

Drayko Riding Jeans Drayko Riding Jeans

Drayko Riding Jeans — $130-$180

What’s Good: Available for either men or women, the Drayko Riding Jeans use a Kevlar/Dynema liner that provides excellent abrasion resistance and nets them CE-certified protection.

What’s Bad: The style and cut are extremely poor, with huge, dorky logos on the rear pockets.

RideApart Recommended: No. Take one look at that logo and the fake “whiskering” effect.

Alpinestars Hellcat Alpinestars Hellcat

Alpinestars Hellcat — $250

What’s Good: A basic pair of understated riding jeans with Kevlar panels in the hips, seat and knees. The included Bio Armor knee protectors feature a repositionable pocket so you can actually get them to line up with your knees.

What’s Bad: Otherwise these are just a basic pair of riding jeans. Nothing remarkable.

RideApart Recommended: Yes. They’re understated and functional and the straight cut is only a little too baggy.

Alpinestars Resist Alpinestars Resist

Alpinestars Resist — $200

What’s Good: These are a little more traditionally-designed and basic offering than the Hellcat, with the same Kevlar panels and moveable knee armor.

What’s Bad: Can you say grandma jeans?

Rideapart Recommended: Yes, they’re functional and some people actually like jeans that don’t fit well.

Alpinestars Ablaze Alpinestars Ablaze

Alpinestars Ablaze — $200

What’s Good: Same Kevlar liner/repositionable armor as the Hellcat and Resist.

What’s Bad: But with a light-colored wash and “comfort” fit.

RideApart Recommended: No. Since when was “casual Obama” a style icon?

Alpinestars Outcast Alpinestars Outcast

Alpinestars Outcast — $170

What’s Good: The same features as other jeans in Alpinestars “Tech Denim” lineup, but the lower price point means they do without the knee armor. Fashionable dark denim in a classic jeans fit.

What’s Bad: The lower legs are a bit baggier than really necessary.

RideApart Recommended: Yes. Abrasion resistance and classic style.

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