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The current centerpiece at Le Garage in Tokyo, Whitehouse and Jungle Scooters have created a near-accurate replica of the 1967 Bridgestone 350GTR for sale in 2008. We say near-accurate because the bikes include period-correct modifications like smaller headlights, NGK wires and a cleaned-up look in addition to modern upgrades like the tiny LED supplementary headlight.


Bridgestone, better known as a tire maker today, used to be a
manufacturer of all sorts of transport-related products, including some
of the most desirable bicycle frames; which are still in production
today. The company produced motorcycles from 1958 through 1971. The
two-stroke 350GTR was the company’s range topping model, combining a
number of, for the time, advanced features like direct oil injection
and adjustable suspension. It’s rumored that the company ceased
motorcycle production, in part, due to pressure from other Japanese
motorcycle makers who threatened to stop using the firm’s tires unless
Bridgestone stopped making such competitive models.


A kick-start, dry clutch 40bhp 350cc two-stroke on skinny bias plys
sounds like pretty much our ideal city bike. Won’t someone please offer
something this cool for sale stateside?


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