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Weiden + Kennedy's Delhi office has released images of its take on Royal Enfield's amazing Trip campaign for the Indian market. The layouts and photos are in the oh-so-familiar saturated style of American advertising, while the copy gives bullet points (good grief) of the biker's hip profile, followed by the new tag "Tripping ever since.">


We hate to say it because we usually love everything W+K touches, but this feels like standard American advertising, which is for the most part utter crap. We get the same stylized shots per genre plus the same hokey Top Gun–esque one-liners regardless of genre. And they're all geared to 30- and 40-something suburban moms and dads who wish they were cooler.


While we don't know who the Advertiser-of-Record was for Royal Enfield's 2007 India campaign (above), we can say they are the light. The ads, drenched in spontaneity, were shot with low contrast and have perfect touches of flair and grain. They also included stunning locations with varied geography. The models are youthful and cool, while the bikes are properly loaded in personalized gear. The copy is elegant and aspirational without feeling false or pushy. The difference between new and old shows why ad agencies shouldn't use design-by-committee.

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