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Powered by a 1,000bhp supercharged V8 from a drag car, this 2,700lbs trike is said to be capable of 200mph. Its owner, Tim Cotterill, who commissioned the machine to his own design from the same company that made Jay Leno's tank car, has only mustered the balls to hit 160mph though. Should he ever reach Vmax, there's a parachute on-board for extra braking.

Tim estimates the final cost of the project was well into six figures, a
sum he was able to afford thanks to booming sales of tiny frog figurines he makes out of bronze. Penned as a flight of fancy, it took
the Blastolene brothers some significant effort to make the 16-foot long
Road Rocket road worthy. The handlebar-controlled steering mechanism,
for instance, took 23 attempts to perfect.

Even after all that effort, the Rocket is hardly practical
transportation. Tim says, "It'll return 3mpg around town, though the
engine builder assured me not to worry as I'd get 4mpg when it was fully
run in!"

Blastolene via Orange

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