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On paper, it’s nearly impossible to convey the feeling something handmade to a pedantic degree of perfection has over something mass manufactured. My one-off, MotoGP-spec Icon one-piece is a great example. Its freedom of movement, weight (11lbs!!) and fit are just fucking perfect and every second in it is sheer pleasure. But, look at it on paper and it’s hard to justify over a nice off-the-rack suit of the kind that’s available anywhere for around a grand. The thousands of dollars difference is based on the subjective. Same goes for these news NCRs. They’re based around a Ducati Monster 1100 Evo motor, but cost up to $69,900. I bet they’re worth every penny, if you want the pinnacle of air-cooled twin performance that is.

There’s two models here: the basic NCR M4 retails for $49,900 and comes with a lightly massaged 1100 Evo motor kicking out 107bhp and 84lb/ft. Its party trick is weight: just 130kg/286lbs (with oil and battery. That’s down from 169kg/373lbs (dry) on the regular Monster.

Want something even specialer? The $69,900 NCR M4 One Shot ups capacity to around 1,200cc, power to 132bhp and torque to 105lb/ft (for perspective, a water-cooled 1198 has 97lb/ft) and weight drops to a positively ridiculous 126kg/278lbs. If you’re a bike nerd like me, you heart palpitates at numbers like that. My palms are sweaty.

NCR gets that much power out of a Monster motor through a billet stroker crank, titanium connect-ing rods, titanium hardware throughout and NCR-EVR slipper clutch.

How about that weight? A titanium frame and subframe along with carbon fiber tank,wheels, instrument cluster, airbox, oil cooler housing and fenders are to thank. Other upgrades include a central electronic package allows for quick disconnects by way of top grade military connectors along with access to many features by way of an USB computer inter-face and software. There’s also the usual exotic parts like billet triple clamps, fork bottoms, rearsets along with Brembo radial controls and calipers and Ohlins suspension front and back.

The bikes also use an neatly modular fairing, enabling the front headlight/instrument cluster to be changed to a mini, half or full fairing with the simple swap of two bolts and a connector. The same can be done with the tail section. The stock titanium rear subframe assembly can be swapped for a full carbon fiber street tail or carbon race tail with 5 bolts and a connector. The goal was to be able to swap from street trim to track trim in less than five minutes.

“After riding one, it’s difficult to enjoy a motorcycle that weighs 100 to 150lbs more, regardless of its horsepower,” says NCR COO and designer Joe Ippoliti.

Availability will initially be in North America before spreading to Europe and other markets in the near future.


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