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Spend a couple seconds glancing at this custom Moto Guzzi and you'll probably dismiss it. More used to flashy ridiculousness and shiny components on customs, our minds have a hard time recognizing plain old shape, form and subtlety. Spend a couple of minutes pouring over the details, however, and you'll see something else entirely.

Instead of raiding parts catalogs for spiderweb clutch covers and USD
Öhlins, the Wrenchmonkees -- a collective of Copenhagen-based motorcycle
enthusiasts -- use found, modified and adapted parts. It's a more
difficult approach than unpack and bolt on, but look at the results.

All the elements that make classic Guzzis great are still here -- that
straight frame tube across the top, the triangle under the seat, the
forward thrusting profile -- but they're adapted and emphasized by the
simplified lines. The seat and tail are slimmed down, the underseat
clutter is hidden, the cockpit is minimized and the exhaust made less
obtrusive; all while preserving the patina of age by using the original
components. What's new -- the shocks, the tires, the clip-ons, the
handmade seat, the hand-painted take -- works to emphasize rather than
detract from the original. The result is the kind of bike our
rose-tinted memories suggest that Guzzi should have made all along.


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