xo_move.jpgThe XO Move's modular design allows it to adapt its shape to suit its surroundings. When parked, the scooter folds up on itself in order to consume less space and foil would-be thieves. While on the move and carrying only the rider, it shrinks its wheelbase for maximum agility. That wheelbase can then be extended rearward, as can the backrest, making room for a passenger to ride in comfort and safety, all while improving stability. We especially like the wrap-around backrest, which is just what's needed to provide first-time passengers with a sense of security.
>xo_move2.jpgCurrently confined to the drawing board, we could see similar systems
employed on a variety of bikes, encouraging people to give the pillion
seat a try. It’d be especially useful for services like Virgin
, which offers traffic busting transportation to
non-motorcyclists in cities across Europe.

Yanko Design

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