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We're stunned at the strength of this year's naked bikes. The Ducati Streetfighter S. The KTM Super Duke R. And now Yamaha unveils it's latest track-ready concept, the FZ1 Abarth Assetto Corse. At first glance, we think it's the most elegant of the genre. The bold and simple paint scheme is fantastic, not only adhering to the legendary Abarth Fiat racers, but also very similar to early Yamaha Grand Prix works racers.

And just look at all those super parts! Wait, why does this thing have a Nissin rear caliper and Brembo monobloc front calipers? And isn't that a Brembo master cylinder attached to the Nissin?


Whoah! Where'd the red for that seat come from, and why do the brake-line fittings alternate between pink and gold? Is that a maroon-anodized bar we see? Excuse us, what did you say? Ohhhh, it was built by tuners!

Austrian-born Karl Abarth was first a motorcycle racer and builder, but ultimately he gave that up in favor of playing with Fiat's, which lead him to birthing the "tuner" concept for Fiat privateers. Fiat's having a huge media celebration to bolster their newly revived Abarth-branded 500, (similar to BMW models getting an M badge), and thought they'd invite Yamaha to participate. Fiat sponsors Yamaha's MotoGP factory team, plus Rossi and Fiat heir Lapo Elkann are best buddies, so why not?

Maybe we're just a little frustrated at how close this concept came to greatness, while sadly remaining nothing more than a silly tuner bike. One with all the parts anodized different shades of red and gold, because nobody bothered to care that every component manufacturer uses a different color when anodizing.

Or at least make sure the brake parts match? Yeesh.

via Motoblog via OmniMoto

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