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Yamaha is testing the waters for a potential ATV-based camper. The company is soliciting customer opinions on three models offering varying degrees of off-road ability and camping luxury. The survey appears to be targeted at determining if the market for such products would be family campers eager to carry all the comforts of home into as remote a location as possible or hunters looking for a self-sustained mobile base camp.

Yamaha IR Concept

Based on a traditional side-by-side, the IR adds utility with a
roof-mounted pop-up tent and additional sleeping space in the main
cabin. The IR is targeted at hunters and fishers who would drive the
vehicle long distances over potentially challenging terrain to access
prime locations. The vehicle could then serve as a base camp, providing
separate sleeping accommodation for two people and enough storage space
to carry cooking and showering equipment in addition to typical camping

Yamaha LW Concept

The most radical of the concepts, the LW is nearly as large as an SUV
and is styled like a futuristic lunar rover. The bed of the LW hinges
open on both sides to offer a very spacious enclosed living area that
contains room for a family of four and an internal kitchen and
bathroom. While the LW would be massively capable off-road by SUV
standards, it wouldn't have the go-anywhere ability of the smaller IR.
The LW could potentially be based on a future six-seat side-by-side

Yamaha UT Concept

The most realistic concept, the UT is essentially a four-seat
side-by-side ATV towing a pop-up trailer. With the ability to detach
the trailer when its not needed, this would also prove to be the most
versatile vehicle for owners. The UT wouldn't carry integral shower,
cooking or toilet equipment (it's basically a tent in a trailer) but
would presumably provide plenty of storage space for you to bring a
large amount of equipment. Off-road ability would be commiserate with
existing side-by-sides.

So what should we take away from these three concepts? Well, it looks
like Yamaha is seriously considering the idea of bringing an ATV-based
vehicle with extended utility to market. That could be in the form of a
four or six-seat side-by-side (which currently don't exist in the
Yamaha lineup) or a model similar to one of the above. Which one? That
UT trailer looks to be the cheapest option both for Yamaha and owners.

Us? While we prefer to travel a bit lighter, we like the idea of all
three, but especially the IR. It could be just the thing for long
excursions into the backwoods, providing a base camp that is both easy
to set up and creates minimal impact on its environment. We're looking
forward to seeing what comes out of this.

Yamaha via Jalopnik

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