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Photo: Yamaha India

Yamaha is set to roll out a new, highly efficient, small-capacity motorcycle engine worldwide. Said to be around 125cc in capacity, the engine uses 20% less fuel than current equivalents. Not only is it believed to be destined for the US and other industrialized nations, but the company is diverting around 100 engineers from large-capacity motorcycle development to work on this new engine and others like it. This move doesn't just indicate Yamaha's new focus on emerging markets, but on smaller capacity motorcycles in general.

In addition to using 20% less fuel, the new engine will also produce
far fewer emissions than existing engines. This will help it pass
future, tighter emissions regulations expected in places like Thailand,
Japan, Europe and the US. Yamaha is expected to capitalize on this to
market machines using the engine as environmentally friendly.

Does this mean we'll see less frequent and less dramatic changes to
models like the Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6? Probably not in the short
term, but this move does indicate that Yamaha sees a larger percentage
of its profits coming from growing Southeast Asian markets and a
smaller percentage from shrinking Western markets. In the long term we
can expect to see a larger emphasis placed on developing models more
suitable for the utilitarian tastes of countries like India and
Thailand and a decreased emphasis on catering to current fashions in
the US.

via Trading Markets

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