Yamaha SR400: The New Old Model Launch


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Yamaha has announced it will be importing into the U.S., its entry-level street bike – the SR400 – that is based on a 36-year-old design but now incorporates a few modern tweaks.

The 2015 Yamaha SR400, which has until recently been predominantly sold in the Japanese domestic market, is designed as a no frills type of motorcycle.  But it has now been updated to incorporate a front disc brake, with a rear drum, and fuel injection on its 399cc engine and will go on sale in the U.S. However, there is no electric starter just a kick start that features a decompression lever to get the engine going.

2015 Yamaha SR400

This may have a certain appeal for enthusiasts, who may consider the bike a good foundation for customization. Priced at $5990, the SR400 might also find a niche for itself as a good starter bike. Or for those who need a straight forward everyday commuter ride.

2015 Yamaha SR400

The SR400 is equipped with five-speed gearbox, chain drive, regular telescopic front forks and twin hydraulic rear shocks and a center stand. The seat height is a user-friendly 30.9 inches and the bike has a wheelbase of 55.5-inches.

2015 Yamaha SR400

The SR400’s single, air-cooled, two valve engine has a claimed 66 mpg and with its 3.2-gallon fuel tank you should be able to get close to a 200 mile range. Yamaha also says the SR400 weighs in with a wet weight of 384 lbs.

2015 Yamaha SR400

With spoked 18-inch wheels front and rear, the SR400 has a no-nonsense, clean look to it and when it arrives in Yamaha dealer showrooms it will be available in one color only, Grey Metallic.

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