Yes we can! No more rubber boots on gas pumps


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In a shocking case of common sense overcoming bureaucracy, the Obama administration and the EPA have announced that the rubber boots on gas pumps will be phased out nation wide. You know, the little rubber flaps that you have to lift with your fingers every time you fill up your motorcycle, meaning you spill gas all over your tank three out of four times. Intended to reduce evaporative emissions, they’ve been rendered redundant by vapor-capturing devices in the majority of modern cars.

“We will remain vigilant when it comes to eliminating regulations that are not necessary or that impose unnecessary burdens on America's families and businesses,” stated President Obama.

The spring-loaded flaps have been in place since 1994, predominantly in urban areas or other places impacted by smog. 31,000 gas stations currently use them nationwide, as they replace or renew pumps, they won’t need to equip them with said flaps. It's unclear if some sort of spring mechanism will remain fitted.

The move is expected to save businesses $6 billion and motorcyclists countless minutes.

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