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According to an independent dyno test conducted by Cycle World, the Yoshimura GSX-R1000RR that we scooped last month makes 176bhp at the back wheel. By our reckoning and assuming a 15% driveline loss, that puts it in the 202-208hp range at the crank. Considering the stock 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 is supposed to make in the ballpark of 185-191hp at the crank, that's a healthy increase. How does it make that extra power?

Yoshimura has equipped the RR -- a prototype for a turnkey AMA American Superbike racer -- with high lift and long duration cams, raised the
compression ratio from 12.8 to 13.8:1, fitted a BMC air filter, a new
ECU mapped for pump gas and a full titanium and carbon exhaust system.

Compared to full system dyno runs we've seen elsewhere -- it should be
noted that comparing rear wheel horsepower results dyno-to-dyno isn't
terribly accurate due to variables in conditions and equipment --the RR
is making about 14bhp more at the wheel thanks to the additional engine

Of course, that's not the end of the story for the RR. For the full
list of modifications Yoshimura has made to put it in race spec, check
out our original Yoshimura GSX-R1000RR article.

via @CycleWorld

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