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Since supermotos are based on dirt bikes, it's not surprising to see a dual sport based on the Zero S electric motorcycle, it just defies industry practice that the Zero DS electric dual sport didn't come first. Sharing its frame, battery and polypropylene with the S, the DS gains longer travel suspension, different gearing, a round headlight and off-road wheels and tires.

That suspension travel is up from 8 to 10 inches in the front fork, but
rear shock travel remains the same as the S at 9 inches. The front
wheels is now a 17-inch item, but the rear remains 16 inches in
diameter. Both are supposed to be stronger to better survive the
rigeurs of off-road use.

The DS's top speed is 55mph, down from the S's 60, while the range is
reduced from 60 to 50 miles, both likely the result of different
gearing -- the DS runs a 17t front sprocket to the S's 15t item.

The head angle on the DS is raked out from 24 to 26 degrees for greater stability.

None of that appears to account for the 45lbs weight increase (to
270lbs) over the S, but we'll bring you the official word on that

There's also no official word on the DS's power output, but the S makes
62.5lb/ft of torque and 31bhp from its brushed motor, so we expect the
same here.

The DS may actually be the most appealing of Zero's motorcycles,
combining emissions-free commuting capability of the S with the silent
off-road operation of the Zero X. The ability to hit some single-track on
the way home from work without being detected? Sounds good to us.

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