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Zero Motorcycles has announced a new model: The Zero S. Due to arrive next spring, it's a much-needed follow-up to the toy-like publicity generator that is the Zero X. The headline figures are a 70mph top speed, 60-mile range and 50lb/ft from the electric motor. It also looks like the street-legal S will be a full-size bike.

That torque figure is the most interesting thing about the Zero S; it's
more than double that of the Quantya Strada. That, combined with the
60-mile range is going to need some serious battery capacity; all we
know is that it'll be a "Patent-pending lithium ion array." The company
does, however, plan an on-board quick charger, meaning all you'll need
to top up is an outlet.

Zero Motorcycles is currently accepting $1,000 deposits on the Zero S.
While we find the promise in its concept intriguing, it remains to be
seen if the S will bring a level of componentry capable of matching its
claimed performance.

Zero Motorcycles
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