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These photos shows the completed 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc preparing to practice for the Isle of Man's TT Zero electric motorcycle race. Clearly visible are the 10 1.25kWh battery packs, incredibly diminutive tail section and the huge swingarm. But where's the motor? We actually know the answer to that and every other question about the bike, but are under embargo until early next week, when we'll bring you real photos too.

Update: new high-res photo of the front 3/4 added above. During this evening's practice the E1pc suffered mechanical problems, completing the 37.7-mile mountain lap, but only managing an average speed of 74.668mph, which doesn't compare favorably to Team Agni's 84.875mph lap.

Update 2: Michael Czysz, who is still on our shit list, says, "Anyway it is NOT the finished bike! it is missing fairing parts : ) Today in Q1 we hit 122+ down sulby straight!  Some of the ICE bikes only hit 140(ish) Agnis was 95(ish)  with a top speed on course of 129.6

Calibration mess up and we communicated to the rider via on board info that we had more power than we did.  We had a massive (conformed from our spotter on course, can't tell you the actual time but is was huge!) lead and our rider started using more throttle to soon and the bike ran out of bat 1.5 miles form finish (hauntingly familiar to last year except last year we also encountered failures, not this year)

Another calibration test tomorrow and another Q session on Monday- spirits very HIGH here tonight!!!

Update 3: Video of the TT Zero practice session below. The blue bike is Team Agni.

Video courtesy Amadeus Photography.


2nd photo via Asphalt and Rubber

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