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The big story with the 2012 Triumph Street Triple isn’t the new headlights or the fact that Triumph’s making a big deal about the non-R getting the R’s aluminum handlebars (the only “mechanical” upgrade). No, the big deal is the color purple. Not only will it please Whoopie Goldberg fans, but it marks a return to the bold, brash, fruity Triumph that last tried to convince us Nuclear Red was something other than pink.

Sadly, purple isn’t available on the 2012 Triumph Street Triple R, but both models lose some chrome on the exhaust cans, headers and in other areas. In addition to the headlights, the 675cc Streets also gain the revised clocks from the 1050cc Triumph Speed Triple.

Triumph stinks at communicating itself, especially here in the colonies, but indications are the price will be remaining unchanged along with every other spec — 105bhp and 419lbs (wet). That's fine, the Street already undercuts most rivals in the midweight naked segment while easily besting them on performance and handling. In keeping with the company’s lackadaisical nature, there’s obviously no word on when we can expect the new bike to reach these shores.

via and MCN

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