5 Narrowest and 5 Widest Motorcycles


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A motorcycle’s width plays a huge role in your interaction with it. Narrow motorcycles are easier to split lanes (where legal) or maneuver through tough places, while wide handlebars offer more leverage to turn the motorcycle. Here are 5 of the narrowest and 5 of the widest motorcycles you can buy.

The Narrowest


The 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R is the narrowest sportbike currently on the market. Its widest point at its clip-ons is 27.3 in., that’s over an inch less than the 28.5-in. average among other sportbikes on the road. Sportbikes are designed to turn best at high speeds at the detriment of slow speed handling, so the narrowness of the 675R really only adds to its ability to fit through narrow openings.


The 2013 Suzuki GSX-R1000, at 27.8 in. wide, is the narrowest liter-bike. It’s only a little more than a half-inch narrower than the average so it isn’t very noticeable, but if you live in California and are concerned about shaving every millimeter possible for lane splitting, this is the liter bike you want.


The 2013 Suzuki Boulevard S40 is the narrowest cruiser on this list with a stock handlebar width of 28.3 in. The narrowness helps give this small motorcycle that “cruiser” look from stock but also decreases its turning ability, which is made up for by its small size and weight.


The 2013 Triumph Street Triple and Speed Triple have a handlebar width of 28.9 in., making them the narrowest of the naked/streetfighter category. Most bikes in this genre opt for wider bars to improve the leverage you have over the bike, as evidenced by the 1-in. increase received by the R version of these two Triumphs.


The 2013 Yamaha FJR1300 is the narrowest touring bike, coming in at 29.5 in. Big, heavy bikes like this often have fairly wide bars to assist you in turning their massive weight, but the Yamaha actually out-handles many of its peers. The FJR handles like a dream while decreasing your stress when filtering through traffic, we just wish we could say the same for its competitors.

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