Watch This Biker Sink into a Huge Pothole-Puddle of Doom


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Water, potholes and bikes never go well together. If a rider comes across a huge (but avoidable) puddle in the street, what should be done next? The smart and sensible rider would probably go around the murky waters of the unknown. But not everyone is smart or sensible...

This brave soul obviously does not fall under the prior categories. Watch as he putters straight through a manhole sized pothole disguised as a puddle, and becoming the best pothole detector—if there were such a thing—for the rider behind him.

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Ridicule aside, something much worse could've happened here. Pothole accidents are increasing in number and have even (in some cases) resulted in death. Thankfully, the biker walked away from the puddle of doom with just the loss of his bike.

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