BMW offers Full New Range of Bavarian Branded Riding Gear


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BMW offers Full New Range of Bavarian Branded Riding Gear

BMW Motorrad rolls out a robust new lineup of gear for all types of riding styles and climates.

BMW Motorrad isn’t just selling motorcycles. Like most bike makers, the Bavarian moto-manufacturer is selling an entire lifestyle to go along with all its shaft drives and boxer engines. Along with its wide array of machinery for all different kinds of riding, BMW now hopes to outfit Beemer owners with an equally wide array of riding apparel. Like BMW’s motorcycles, the company’s new riding gear boasts cutting-edge features and technology to keep riders warm, comfortable, and safe.

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One seriously cool new offering is the VentureNeon, an exclusive replica of a jacket worn by Gaston Rahier when he won the Parris-Dakar Rally in 1985. It features an array of practical features, as well as sleeves and shoulders adorned in luminous orange for better visibility. BMW stated that only 1,000 will be made, so if you want to be like Gaston, you better act fast. Another noteworthy offering is the System 7 Carbon Helmet which, according to BMW, “sets a whole new benchmark in terms of safety, aerodynamics, and versatility.”

BMW’s 2018 collection includes five new suits too. The StreetGuard Suit is a high-performance touring suit that can be worn year round, and the Venting Suit is a lightweight, warm-weather riding jacket with ample ventilation and sold protection. The GS Dry Suit is a new entry-level enduro suit, though BMW hasn’t forgotten about its more serious ADV customers with the Rallye Premium Suit and the Atlantis all-weather leather touring suit.

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In addition to the five new suits, BMW is also offering a handful of new jackets and vests. The new Ride Windbreaker and Ride Fleece Jacket are both extremely compact and foldable which makes them ideal for touring. The ultra-trick new PCM Ride Jacket is made of the high-tech textile known as “Phase Change Material” (That sounds extremely rad. Does it let you phase through solid objects? Into different dimensions? -JM). The Cool Down vestcreates a continuous cooling effect via evaporation once moistened, using your own sweat to cool you off.

Rounding out this year’s collection are some new boots and gloves. The waterproof All Around Gloves offer ample versatility and are ideal for touring. For more off-road oriented riding, BMW released the new Rallye gloves to protect your knuckles and wrists. Then there are the even fancier GS DRY Enduro Gloves which boast Gore-Tex’s X-Trafit technology, enabling them to breathe while still being fully water-proof. The new VentureGrip Crossover Leather Boots  are something of an all-in-one offering, designed to take on everything from touring to enduro riding. Finishing out the collection are BMW’s new Ride Sneakers, a stylish pair of kicks that BMW claims are “full of ingenious safety features.”

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To round out BMW's new gear is a slew of bags, clothing, and accessories to take your BMW-branded lifestyle to the next level. There are wallets, phone cases, pocket knives, and a bunch of other neat things to round out your BMW collection.

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