Jurassic Spark - Campagna Motors Announces Electric T-Rex


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Jurassic Spark - Campagna Motors Announces Electric T-Rex

The OG luxury autocycle gets an all-new electric powertrain from our friends at Zero Motorcycles

For nearly 30 years now, Canada's Campagna Motors has made the totally bonkers T-Rex for the discerning autocycle aficionado. Currently powered by the inline six out of BMW's K1600, the luxury three-wheeler puts down a respectable amount of power in a small, relatively lightweight package. Now it seems that Campagna has decided to join the electric vehicle revolution by partnering with Zero Motorcycles to produce an all-electric T-Rex.

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Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team and partners, the T-REX has become the benchmark for three-wheeled performance,” said Campagna Motors President André Morissette in a recent press release. “Our collaboration with Zero Motorcycles brings a whole new level of innovation and originality to this already exhilarating platform.”

So far the electric T-Rex is in the planning stages as both companies figure out how to stuff a Zero powertrain into the T-Rex's existing chassis without compromising the performance or reliability of either. For Zero's part, the company sounds pretty stoked to be associated with this project.

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“We’re excited that Campagna selected our industry-leading powertrain technology to develop their electric T-REX,” said Zero Motorcycles Director of Business Development Jim Callahan, “Zero’s electric powertrain is an ideal solution for the ultimate three-wheeled experience. This vehicle is an absolute thrill to drive.”

The first prototype will be on display at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show April 20-22, 2018. It sounds like that prototype will be primarily a mockup, since a "more advanced" prototype is scheduled to drop some time in the summer of 2018.

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We'll keep our eyes peeled for any more info on the upcoming electric T-Rex, and when we find out more you'll be the first to know.

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