Company Starts Motorcycle Sharing Service


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Company Starts Motorcycle Sharing Service

An outfit called RidersShare has opened a peer-to-peer motorcycle rental program in the Southern California area.

Based in Orange County, the service offers a listing of individually-owned bikes for rent, and a way to post your own motorcycle for daily or weekly rental. While most metropolitan areas now offer bike rentals, usually through dealerships, the community sharing concept seems to be gaining traction.

Their website includes the following guidelines for prospective renters:

• You must upload at least one photo of the equipment. The more the better!
• You must provide the license plate number, make, model, year, and a description of the equipment.
• You must provide additional requirements for proper operation (ex. Needs premium fuel)
• You are responsible for maintaining insurance on the Rental Equipment.

RidersShare recommends that participants set a daily or weekly rental price at rates that are lower but still competitive to rental companies in the bike owner's area. RidersShare charges owners a 25-percent commission for the service. The fledgling company now has eight motorcycles in the stable.

For more information, go to or call 657/200-5470.

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