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Photos: Yorgo Tloupas

It looks like the second Ruby Signature helmet has been designed by Eley Kishimoto. Adapting their hypnotic Flash pattern, it’s also the first time we’ve seen a visor mounted to a Pavillon. While we like the visor’s retro-shape, its pivots — a huge reproduction of the brands’s usually subtle ruby-colored button —are a bit over the top, distracting from the helmet’s classy lines and interrupting the black and white pattern.


The Ruby Pavillon is a luxurious take on the classic jet helmet. The
shell is constructed from carbon fiber for light weight and is limed in
burgundy nappa lambskin, chosen for its antibacterial qualities.

The Signature line is Ruby’s chance to collaborate with artists and
designers. In addition to a limited edition helmet, customers are
presented with an album of music composed specifically to accompany the
design, which is also displayed as album art.

Ateliers Ruby via Arkitip

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